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Laminate consists of several layers made from natural and recycled materials. The top layer is a decorative layer that mimics the look of wood, stone or other materials. There is a sturdy support plate made of wood fibers underneath. The bottom layer is a protective layer that protects the floor from moisture and wear. Laminate is not only visually appealing, but also durable and easy to care for. It withstands high loads from furniture, shoes and flows of visitors.

With laminate flooring you can organize your event in a stylish and environmentally conscious way.

The laminate flooring can be laid easily and without glue using a click system. It can be dismantled at any time and reused elsewhere.

Laminate offers many design options for trade fair stands, celebrations and events of all kinds. It adapts to the company or product image and creates a suitable atmosphere. It is available in numerous decors, from wood look to stone look and in different colors and structures.

Properties as an event floor

  • Laminate is Co2 negative during production.
  • stable and resilient, even under high stress.
  • easy to care for and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • reusable and saves resources.
  • Laminate is a wood-based material, mostly made from wood materials

However, when it comes to reusability, you should limit use to 2-3 times, as the click systems in trade fair construction are quickly impaired.

Special features of the floor covering

Laminate has many advantages as an event floor, but also some aspects that you should consider:

  • The material is not very resistant to moisture and can therefore deform. It is therefore not suitable for outdoor use in the rain. However, there are also special laminate floors that have an impregnation and can withstand some liquid.
  • Another point is that laminate is relatively loud when you walk on it. The noises from trade fair visitors can be disturbing. There are also solutions for this with integrated sound insulation.
  • If the surface of the laminate floor becomes damaged, it cannot be sanded. You then have to replace the affected panels.

Laminate: what is important?

Laminate has a usage class that indicates its suitability and resilience. The usage class consists of two numbers: The first number shows whether the laminate flooring is intended for private use (2) or commercial use (3). The second number provides information about the durability of the floor. The higher the number, the more robust the floor is.

Usage class 31, for example, refers to laminate flooring that is suitable for commercial areas with low levels of wear and tear. This means that it can be installed in rooms that are not used constantly or intensively, such as hotel rooms.

Laminate in service class 32 is intended for commercial areas with medium use, such as conference rooms, offices, doctor's practices or small shops. This type of laminate is sturdy enough to withstand everyday use, but not as heavy-duty as high-traffic public areas.

Usage class 33 is recommended for commercial areas with intensive use, such as shops, department stores, sales rooms, reception rooms or office corridors. This guarantees high quality and longevity of the laminate, even under heavy use by customers, employees or furniture.

Usage class is not the same as abrasion class!

The usage class and the abrasion class are two different criteria that determine the quality and durability of the laminate floor. The usage class indicates how strong the entire panel - from the underside to the carrier plate to the surface - can withstand mechanical stress. The abrasion class, on the other hand, only refers to the surface of the floor and measures how resistant it is to scratches and wear.

But there is a simple rule of thumb: the higher the usage class of a laminate or vinyl floor, the higher its abrasion class is usually.

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