We at Weberfloors are your partner for sustainable floor coverings. Whether for trade fairs, events or other temporary occasions, we offer you high-quality carpets that are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. This means we not only protect the environment, but also your budget.

In contrast to conventional trade fair carpets, which contain latex and have to be burned after one use, our product can be recycled and finds a second life in other products such as foils and insulation materials.

With Weberfloors Choose a floor covering that perfectly combines quality and environmental awareness.

We at Weberfloors know that trade fairs and congresses play an important role for the future and want to actively work towards climate and environmental protection. Our aim is to continually improve the ecological compatibility of trade fairs and events through our measures.

We also have a vision for your trade fair projects: We want to make them lively, individual and fair. Lively because we want to inspire people with innovative ideas and creative solutions. Individually, because we want to respond to the needs and wishes of our customers and partners. Fair because we want to behave responsibly towards everyone involved and the environment.

We know what really matters

An important prerequisite for the ecological quality of a major event such as a trade fair is the selection of the right products, which also include floor coverings. In order to produce these products sustainably, resources must be used carefully and efficiently, and energy and transport must be saved. In order to uniformly present and calculate the sustainability information of construction products, the instrument of environmental product declarations (EPD) has been established as part of the European standardization work of CEN/TC 350.


At trade fairs and events, these dimensions must be viewed in a life cycle in order to optimize costs, resources and environmental impact. Construction, use and dismantling play an important role.

We offer you various options to make your flooring as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable economics in trade fair construction

How floor coverings can protect the environment

Sustainable economics in trade fair construction means that the floor covering is chosen so that it can be used and reused for as long as possible without losing quality or aesthetics.

One option is to reuse floor coverings. We are happy to rent you our carpet tiles or our loose lay panels, which you can use again and again. This not only saves you money, but also resources.

A sustainable floor covering not only saves resources and protects the environment, but can also reduce the costs of exhibition construction because it needs to be replaced less frequently. He can also improve the company's image by showing an awareness of ecological responsibility.

Floor coverings made from recycled materials

An ecological alternative for trade fair construction

Another option is to choose flooring made from recycled materials. We have various products in our range that are made from recycled materials. For example:

  • SEDNA, Kai Sedna: a high-quality velor made of Econyl and PET.
  • PARANA: a carpet made of 100% PET.
  • RUBBER GRANULES: a rubber floor made from recycled car tires.

These floor coverings are not only ecological, but also visually appealing and durable.

A third option is to choose floor coverings that can be recycled after use. We recommend our Rewind collection. These carpets are made from pure polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable and requires far less energy and water to produce. Or you can choose PVC flooring, which can be partially recycled into PVC.

A fourth option is to choose floor coverings that are CO2-friendly in production. This includes our laminate from Egger, which is CO2 negative during production.

How sustainable floor coverings are revolutionizing trade fair construction

Social challenges and best practices

We at Weberfloors know how important employees are for success. Therefore care Weberfloors ensuring that employees have enough time to relax even in stressful phases. Long periods of service are proof of a fair and sustainable corporate culture. Almost all employees of Weberfloors have been working for the company for many years, some even for decades.

Weberfloors is a company that values ​​economic sustainability. That's why we prefer products from Switzerland or Europe to reduce transport costs and the ecological footprint. It only works if there are no European alternatives Weberfloors to international suppliers.

Sustainability in trade fair construction is a responsible task

Sustainability in trade fairs and events has a social and cultural dimension that includes aesthetics, design, accessibility and health protection. These aspects are evaluated based on protection goals that are intended to promote high user satisfaction and social acceptance. Qualitative factors such as spatial geometry, materiality and color play an important role. In addition, problematic substances or environmental influences that can affect the health of users are avoided.

Textile floor coverings should not only be environmentally friendly, but also sustainable in social and cultural terms. This is demonstrated by the EPD program of the Environmentally Friendly Carpet Association (GUT), which was created in collaboration with the Institute for Building and Environment (IBU eV). The program offers generic and product-specific EPDs for various types of textile floor coverings, which are publicly available (including via the Ökobaudat database). Textile floor coverings can have a positive impact on the aesthetics, design, health and well-being of an (event) room.

Floor coverings are important for the ecology of trade fairs and events. They should be produced and transported sustainably. Environmental product declarations (EPD) show how sustainable a building product is. EPDs help to evaluate sustainable trade fairs and events.

Recycling and rental of floor coverings

We are proud to offer you not only carpets, but also PVC and laminate of the highest quality. We believe in using these products sustainably, benefiting both your budget and the environment. That's why we offer you the opportunity to rent plank-shaped PVC flooring that is easy to clean and reuse. We ensure that these coverings are always in optimal condition and meet your requirements. If you are interested in our rental products, please do not hesitate to reach us by phone (+41 44 750 47 4) or via our contact form. We are looking forward to your contact.