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You can turn your trade fair or event into a natural experience with artificial greenery or colorful grass carpets. At trade fairs and exhibitions, where visitors are confronted with many stimuli, it is crucial to leave a lasting impression. It's not just the product or service that matters, but also the design of the trade fair stand or showroom.

With our artificial turf for events you can take your presentation to a new level. Artificial turf is an innovative product that allows you to turn your creative idea into reality. Artificial turf creates a natural and pleasant atmosphere that appeals and delights your visitors.

A common question that many people ask is whether there is a difference between carpet grass and artificial turf. The answer is: No, they are the same product. Carpet lawn and artificial turf are just different names for artificial grass made from synthetic fibers. This can be used both indoors and outdoors and offers many advantages over natural grass.

We would like to offer you high-quality artificial turf solutions for your event that are not only visually appealing and also fire-resistant and available for indoor use. Our artificial turf is available in different fiber lengths and price ranges and adapts perfectly to your stand concept. They are ideal for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.

When planning, we also ensure compliance with local fire safety regulations, which are essential for the success of your project. If you need artificial turf for your exhibition stand that is flame-retardant (Bfl-s1 or Cfl-s1) (you can get this information from the exhibition company), we can also supply this to you.

Our artificial turf is ideal for trade fairs and events because it is robust, attractive and comfortable. It transforms every trade fair stand into a green oasis that attracts the eye and invites you to linger. The stand staff and visitors will feel comfortable on the soft surface. Our artificial turf also protects the existing floors in exhibition halls, congress centers or catering establishments, which are often sensitive or unsightly. It is easy to lay and remove without leaving any marks. If you are expecting a lot of guests or are expecting bad weather, our artificial turf is the perfect solution to improve your trade fair or event appearance.

The advantages of artificial turf at a glance

  • durable and requires little maintenance
  • remains in good condition even under heavy use and large crowds, making your event appear inviting and comfortable throughout
  • gives your room a fresh and neat flair
  • Safety of your visitors from slipping accidents and compliance with European fire safety regulations
  • can be laid without any problems or risks; removal is easy, quick and clean
  • the best choice if the existing flooring does not meet your expectations

What is artificial turf made of?

A common question is how artificial turf is made and what materials are used. The answer is: artificial turf is mainly made of two plastics - polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). These plastics give artificial turf its special properties, such as a natural look and high durability. The polypropylene forms the base of the artificial turf to which the blades of grass are attached. The polyethylene is used for the grass blades themselves, which are soft to the touch and easy to erect. This means the artificial turf always stays fresh and green, even when it is subjected to heavy use.

PP and PE are not only durable but also safe for humans. They are used in many other areas, for example for food packaging or to generate energy from waste. That's why you can use artificial turf in the garden or on the balcony without any concerns.

How can I assess the quality of artificial turf?

Not all artificial turf is the same. There are different quality levels that differ in various aspects. These include the color, fiber type, fiber length and fiber density of the artificial turf. If you want to buy a high-quality artificial grass, you should pay attention to these features:

A variety of color nuances

High-quality artificial turf consists of multiple colors that give the grass a realistic appearance. A mix of different shades of green and brown creates a natural atmosphere. This also makes the grass appear more voluminous and less monotonous.

High fiber density

An important factor that determines the price of high-quality artificial grass is the fiber density. The denser the fibers, the softer and more natural the artificial turf feels. However, a high fiber density also requires more production effort, which is reflected in the price.

fiber length

Longer fibers not only look more natural, but also make the artificial turf more comfortable to walk or lie on. That's why the fiber length is an important quality criterion when selecting the right artificial turf.

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