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PVC is a versatile floor covering that is ideal for events such as trade fairs, celebrations, galas, etc. It is available in different colors and patterns that will help you stand out from the crowd. PVC floors are elastic floor coverings that are primarily made of polyvinyl chloride. This plastic is made from petroleum and the common salt component chlorine and processed with plasticizers that give it elasticity. PVC floors also contain various additives that give them certain properties, such as resistance to light and weather.

Our PVC floors are available in 2 forms:

  • As a roller covering for one-time use.
  • As a tile (can be laid loosely) for repeated use. We also rent loose lay floors.

In general, PVC has a number of advantages over other floor coverings, which we would like to introduce to you here.

Advantages of a PVC exhibition floor

PVC is a practical and cost-effective floor covering that is easy to lay, cut and transport. It is also easy to care for and durable. But PVC is not only functional, but also aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs to suit your trade fair concept.

Whether you prefer a simple or eye-catching floor, PVC offers you the right solution. For example, you can choose a smooth flooring in a neutral color to create an elegant effect - or you can use a wood-look PVC flooring to create a cozy atmosphere. Coverings with a wood, nubs or granulate structure ensure more dynamism. For more safety, we recommend a non-slip PVC trade fair floor (slip resistance R10 or R11).

In addition to the appearance, the material itself is also impressive for a PVC trade fair floor. It offers you a pleasant walking feeling that invites you to linger and creates a positive mood. PVC is also a smooth covering that is easy to clean and durable. To gently clean the PVC floor, home remedies or other mild cleaners are the best choice. Strong cleaners can attack the floor and shorten its shelf life. Another advantage is the natural dampening of footsteps and the reduction of sound.

Difference from other floor coverings

PVC is a popular floor covering for events and trade fairs because it has many advantages over other floor coverings. Not only is it easy to clean, maintain and use, but it is also environmentally friendly. With PVC floor recycling, old or damaged PVC floors are collected, shredded, cleaned and processed into new products. PVC is a plastic that is easy to recycle because it retains its properties and can be melted down several times. Recycling PVC floors saves resources, reduces waste and protects the environment. In this way, you are making a contribution to environmental protection and showing your customers that sustainability is important to you.

PVC is a plastic that is characterized by its high resistance to moisture. This means that PVC floors do not swell or mold when they come into contact with water or other liquids.

There are various ways to keep PVC clean, depending on the type and degree of contamination of the material. For example, PVC can be wiped with a damp cloth, vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner or treated with a special cleaning agent. PVC is therefore an easy-care and hygienic material for various applications. PVC also offers a wide range of designs that reflect individual taste and style.

PVC is also suitable for allergy sufferers as it does not emit any harmful substances and can be easily removed from dust and dirt. PVC is also very durable and robust and can be selected in different usage classes depending on the demands. There are four usage classes for PVC:

  • Usage class 21: For living areas with low traffic, such as bedrooms or guest rooms.
  • Usage class 22: For living areas with normal wear and tear, such as living rooms or dining rooms.
  • Usage class 23: For living areas with high wear and tear, such as hallways or kitchens.
  • Usage class 31: For commercial areas with low traffic, such as offices or practices.
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