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Trade fair carpets

Carpet is the cheapest and usually most efficient floor covering for your trade fair stand or event. Carpeting reduces noise, adds color to your stand and has proven itself thousands of times over. To choose a professional, attractive and long-lasting floor covering, we recommend our trade fair carpets. These are not only durable and high quality, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With our large selection of carpets you can design your event individually and leave a positive impression.

Our carpets offer a pleasant feel, good sound insulation and a diverse selection of colors. Depending on the carpet, they are also made from recycled materials that can be reused and therefore protect the environment. There are also carpets that can be 100% recycled after use (REWIND). Or you can rent tiles from us that can be used many times.

Trade fair carpets not only have an aesthetic function, but also a practical one. You can e.g. B. serve as a red carpet leading the way to your trade fair stand or as sound insulation. You can also have your trade fair carpet individually designed and printed to present your company logo or advertising message. This way you can stand out from the competition and strengthen your brand. A trade fair carpet is more than just a floor covering, but an important element for your trade fair success.

A Bfl/Cfl carpet, for example, is a popular choice for public functions or events as it is flame retardant and therefore increases safety

Our types of carpets

Types of carpet can be differentiated in the manufacturing process.

Needle felts are mainly used at trade fairs. These are single-layer polypropylene carpets in many colors, usually inexpensive. Example: Podium, Rewind, Rips.

Higher quality carpets are produced using the tufting process. This is slower and therefore the carpets are more expensive. Examples: Roxane, Kai Sedna.

Both the velor trade fair carpet and the inexpensive flat felt or rep carpet are characterized by their intense coloring, which does not lose its luminosity even under different lighting conditions. This is a crucial factor in creating a harmonious and attractive trade fair stand and attracting the attention of potential customers. The quality of the material also influences the color effect. It is therefore advisable to only choose Bfls1 or CflS1 carpet, as these were developed specifically for trade fairs and have corresponding properties.

Both types of trade fair carpets offer valuable properties such as high durability, sound absorption, impact sound insulation and flame retardancy in accordance with fire class DIN EN 13501-11. They are easy to install and heat-resistant, so they can also be installed over underfloor heating.

Since many people put a lot of strain on the trade fair area at large events such as a trade fair, the combination of durability and attractive appearance is crucial for the quality of the trade fair stand. A Bfl – Cfl carpet meets the relevant standards and is certified for the respective area of ​​application. A trade fair carpet of this type is also ideal for professional and frequent requirements in order to meet common quality criteria.

Flat felt, needle felt or needle fleece

Felt carpets are characterized by a very dense and "felted" surface, which consists of interwoven, rather smooth fibers. An additional pressing process further compresses the flat felt and gives it greater strength.

There are inexpensive single-layer felt carpets on the market for events that are suitable for short-term use. For long-term and intensive use in commercial areas, multi-layer needle felt carpets are the better choice because they are very durable.

Trade show felt rugs are a popular choice for modern and elegant events. They are characterized by a smooth wear layer that has no visible rib structure. This gives them a contemporary and minimalist look. They are also easy to lay because you don't have to worry about patterns or transitions.

You should also pay attention to the quality of the trade fair felt carpet. There are very thin versions that can wear out quickly. A good trade fair felt carpet should be at least 4 mm thick and weigh 250 g/m². So you can be sure that the carpet is durable and of high quality.

Velours, Expo Velours, Trade Fair Velours

A trade fair velor (e.g. Rewind Dilour) is a special carpet covering that is designed for use at trade fairs and exhibitions. It is characterized by high durability, easy installation and an attractive appearance. However, a trade fair velor does not have the same properties as a living room velor that is intended for domestic use. A living room velor is usually softer, fluffier and more comfortable than a trade fair velor. It also has higher quality and a longer lifespan.

The difference between trade fair velor and living room velor lies primarily in the manufacturing method. A living room velor is usually tufted, which means that the fibers are pierced through a backing layer and glued to the back. This creates an even and dense surface that feels pleasant. A trade fair velor, on the other hand, is needled, which means that the fibers are punched through a backing layer with needles and felted together. This creates a robust and non-slip surface that feels rather rough. In order to create a velor look, the surface of the trade fair velor is additionally sheared, which means that the fibers are cut off at a certain height.

A trade fair velor is a needle velor that is visually similar to living room velor, but has a significantly different feel. It is an ideal choice for the event sector as it not only has a high overall strength, but also an attractive velor look. It gives every room an elegant and high-quality character.

Trade fair velours are clearly easier to lay than tufting velors, as they are almost exclusively made for trade fairs. In addition, the color variants are much more popular for the trade fair than the living room velours.

In addition, trade fair velor also has acoustic advantages: it reduces the sound level in the room, especially in the areas generated by conversations and movements. At concerts, trade fair velor can significantly improve room acoustics by reducing the reverberation time.

A trade fair velor should be flame-retardant and have a high weight to ensure optimal technical properties. A high weight (from 500g/sqm) ensures better impact sound insulation and sound absorption, which contributes to a quieter and more pleasant atmosphere at events. In addition, a high weight increases the comfort of walking on the carpet.

Another advantage of trade fair velor is that it does not require any visible transitions between the carpet panels. It can therefore be laid quickly and easily.


Carpet tiles are a practical and flexible solution. They are made of loop quality or rep, a robust and easy-care material with a rubbery back, and have a size of 50 x 50 cm or 100 x 100 cm. They are self-supporting, flame-retardant (B1, Bfl-s1 or Cfl-s1), dirt-repellent and have a soft or ribbed surface that is impact sound-absorbing, slip-resistant and allergy-friendly. They are easy to care for, lint-free, odorless and can be replaced or reused if necessary. Carpet tiles are ideal for quick and easy installation by one person.

Laying carpet tiles is quick and easy. All you have to do is cut the tiles to size and lay them out on the surface. Depending on the nature of the surface, it may make sense to additionally glue the tiles to prevent them from slipping.

The advantages of carpet tiles are:

  • are made of a robust and rubber-like material for a wide range of applications.
  • impress with their quality and appearance.
  • Laying the carpet tiles is quick and easy.

How do you choose the right flooring for your trade fair or event?

In addition to fire resistance, the choice of a trade fair flooring depends primarily on your personal preferences. The rule of thumb for synthetic fiber carpets is: the thicker the pile, the more durable, comfortable and expensive the fireproof carpet is.

Whether indoors or outdoors, a trade fair carpet from Weberfloors is the ideal solution for your trade fair stand or event. The high-quality synthetic fibers are not only extremely durable, but also waterproof or at least water-repellent. This means you can be sure that your flooring will withstand any weather and wear and tear.

Safety as the top priority

For trade fairs and events, trade fair carpets, carpet tiles and other floor coverings are associated with high safety requirements. They must be flame-retardant and have a fire protection certificate.

Weberfloors supplies you with certified trade fair coverings that comply with fire class Bfl / Cfl – s1 according to the European standard DIN EN 13501-1 (formerly B1 according to DIN 4102). This means you are on the safe side.

A trade fair carpet without a fire protection certificate is not permitted at public events. You must be able to show the certificate at the official inspection.

You can identify a flame retardant carpet or flooring by the symbol on the right or by the following certificates:

  • B1 according to DIN 4102-1 (building material class flame retardant according to the old German standard)
  • Bfl / Cfl – s1 according to DIN EN 13501-1 (flame retardant according to the current European standard)

The European standard evaluates building products based on their behavior in the event of a fire and the associated side effects, such as the development of smoke. The "s" stands for smoke. The best fire class, which offers the highest resistance to fire, is A1 (non-combustible). A textile floor covering such as a trade fair carpet naturally cannot achieve this fire class, but our products are designed to minimize the spread of flames and smoke.

For a long time, the building material class “B1” (according to DIN 4102), which stipulates flame-retardant floor coverings, was decisive for trade fair construction and the event industry in Germany. However, this national standard was replaced by the European Union with Euroclasses Bfl-s1 and Cfl-s1, which regulate the fire behavior of floor coverings. Trade fair carpets that meet these Euro classes are fire protection certified and can be laid at trade fairs and public events throughout the EU without any concerns.

Another feature for tested and certified trade fair carpets is the “CE mark”, which states that a fire behavior test has taken place. In addition, the trade fair carpets must also meet other "minimum requirements", such as:

  • the pentachlorophenol content
  • the emission of formaldehyde
  • Sliding resistance
  • electrical behavior
  • Thermal conductivity and waterproofing

Event carpets in different versions: How to find the right floor covering

You have the choice between different variants of event carpets, which you can order online from us:

  • Flat felt carpet with or without foil
  • Carpet tiles in sizes 50 x 50 cm or 100 x 100 cm
  • Velor needle felt carpet in roll form with a length of 30 m and a width of 2 m
  • Velor carpet with individual print
  • Our event and trade fair carpets are available in up to 19 colors, depending on the model

Whether inside or outside - the back makes the difference

The Weberfloors You will find different types of trade fair carpets with different backings. We offer you:

  • Trade fair carpets without a back that can be glued directly to the surface
  • Artificial turf with partial backing (nubs) that ensure better drainage and stability
  • Trade fair carpets with a back that offer greater sound insulation and slip resistance

If you want to lay a trade fair carpet outside, you should make sure that it has a nubby back. This ensures that rainwater can flow away between the nubs and the carpet does not become soft. Such carpets are often referred to as lawn carpets or artificial turf. They come in different qualities that vary in weight and strength. The total thickness can vary between 6 and 39 mm.

Trade fair carpets can also be used to protect sensitive floors. For example, if you want to lay studded artificial turf indoors, you have the advantage that it is very non-slip. The studs adhere well to smooth surfaces. This means you can do without double-sided adhesive tape, which is often difficult to remove, and protect the floor covering underneath.

Make sure you have the right coating

Some trade fair carpets have a back coating. Depending on the manufacturer, these carpets are made with different materials such as resin, rubber or plastic.

The coating has different properties that are important for installation. For example, foamed backs are often non-slip but not water-repellent. They are therefore suitable for smooth surfaces, but only outdoors in dry weather.

A trade fair carpet with a backing is usually slightly thicker in terms of overall thickness. This gives the floor covering a higher quality and improves the technical properties such as impact sound insulation and walking comfort. The carpet also lies smoother due to its heavy weight.

However, difficulties can arise when laying a trade fair carpet with a backing. There is a risk that when removing the carpet, parts of the coating and adhesive tape may remain stuck to the floor. If you want to lay such a carpet, pay attention to the quality of the accessories. Always use a high-quality double-sided adhesive tape and check in an inconspicuous area whether the carpet can be removed without leaving any residue. A cheap carpet tape can react with the foam backing and be difficult to remove!

Keep track thanks to pictograms

An elegant and practical solution for floor coverings at events and trade fairs are recycled carpets that have been specially developed for this purpose. They give the room or stand an attractive look and ensure a comfortable walking experience. They are also non-slip and usually have antistatic and dirt-repellent properties, which are indicated by pictograms on the carpet.

Another advantage of synthetic carpets is that they are... Allergic are suitable for those who are allergic to natural fibers. Carpets made of polypropylene or polyamide are also skin-friendly and odorless.

A carpet can not only ensure an attractive look at events and exhibitions, but also a better one room acoustics. Textile floor coverings have the ability to absorb sound. This effect is stronger the higher the wear layer of the carpet is, which is also known as the pile layer or pile.

To the sound insulation To measure a carpet, there is the EN ISO 140-6 standard. If a manufacturer complies with this standard, they may use this pictogram.

The impact sound improvement of a trade fair carpet is important for event technicians. It indicates how much quieter the sound becomes when it hits the carpet. Depending on the thickness of the carpet, this value is between 12 and 24 db.

But a trade fair carpet can not only be used on the floor, but also on the wall. He can as wall paneling can be glued together and thus reduce the sound in the room or improve the acoustics at concerts. The rule of thumb is: the more textile surfaces in the room, the more effective the sound insulation. To measure sound absorption, there is the ISO 354 standard. If a manufacturer meets this standard, they are allowed to use this pictogram.

If you are looking for carpet to use over underfloor heating, you should look at the heat resistance of the material. Trade fair carpets made of polypropylene are ideal for this as they can withstand high temperatures. This pictogram shows you whether a carpet is suitable for laying over underfloor heating.

Trade fair carpets are ideal for temporary outdoor events. However, you should pay attention to the Discoloration resistance Make sure that inexpensive carpet runners are not exposed to direct sunlight for too long, otherwise the color may fade. To avoid this, it is advisable to turn the carpets regularly or cover them when not in use. This way you can increase the lifespan and attractiveness of the trade fair carpets.

color quality Weberfloors

Our trade fair carpets are characterized by a large selection of colors and patterns. We often have more than 30 colors in stock. In addition to plain colors, there are also mottled colors. Advantage: less sensitive to contamination. For an individual look, the trade fair carpet can also be printed or decorated with colorful fiber chips.

The carpet fibers are dyed before production. Several rolls are then made from a certain amount of dyed fibers. These roles belong to a so-called “batch”. If you order a larger quantity of trade fair carpet, you should make sure that the rolls come from the same batch or that the individual cuts are cut from a “mother roll”. Because not every red carpet has the same shade as another red carpet from a different batch. There may then be slight color variations between the master rolls.

Your desired color according to RAL or Pantone

If you would like a special color for your trade fair carpet, you can also have it custom-made. You can have the trade fair flooring colored in a color of your choice that matches your trade fair stand or your corporate design. The manufacturers base their work on the specified RAL or Pantone values.

Together for more sustainability

A sustainable and environmentally friendly design of your trade fair stand is as important to you as it is to us? Then you should also pay attention to quality and ecology when choosing your carpet. At Weberfloors You will not only find a large selection of colors and designs, but also carpets that have been awarded renowned environmental seals (e.g. C2C Silver). These guarantee that you are purchasing floor coverings that are safe for your health and environmentally friendly. Weberfloors enables you to purchase recycled and reusable trade fair flooring that is unique in our industry. In this way, you make a valuable contribution to environmental protection and save costs at the same time. Convince yourself of the quality and service of Weberfloors and contact us today for an individual offer.

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